Jesus Christ Lizard

* They are part of the Iguana Family.
* They have the nickname “Jesus Christ Lizard” because when fleeing from a predator, they are very fast and can even run on top of the water.
* Basilisks actually have large hind feet with flaps of skin between each toe. The fact that they move quickly across the water, aided by their web-like feet, gives them the appearance of “walking on water”.
* Smaller basilisks can run about 10-20 meters on the water without sinking. Young basilisks can usually run farther than older ones.
* Like most reptiles, basilisks are active during the day.
* They have long toes and sharp claws.
* Most are under a foot in length, but some may grow up to two feet.
* Basilisks usually weigh between 200-600 grams.
* I don’t know for sure, but their maximum lifespan is probably around 7-8 years. In the wild, most die much sooner.
* Females lay about 2-18 eggs, five to eight times a year.
* Eggs hatch after about three months and the babies weigh about 2 grams.
* Their outstanding camouflage allows them to remain motionless and very hard to detect.

The Jesus Christ lizards are more properly known as basilisks—a colorful name referring to the legendary monsters whose breath and glances were fatal to those unfortunate enough to encounter them. Basilisks are quite large, as lizards go, up to three feet long, and the males have large crests on their heads, backs, and tails. This, and the fact that they run on two legs makes them look like little dinosaurs.

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  1. tristan says:

    hehe thats cool

  2. lourdes says:

    the jcl {JESUS CHRIST LIZARD} is my new favorite animal.

  3. Sam says:

    Thank you for your great facts, thay have helped me do my home work.

  4. bu boy says:

    this help me do home wok

  5. Alyssa says:

    will a jesus lizard eat my small turtle?

  6. Cheyenne says:

    This is the best animal ever! I just saw this on a funny animals and I decided to look up some facts on it. It looks awesome! LMFAO!

  7. FaLisha Tartersauce says:

    Helped on homework.

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    Loved it

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  10. Billy Rupen says:

    i have a lizard that looks just like that its an illigal immigrant though….

  11. charlie says:

    this is an awesome, informative article. thanx so much i loved the video!

  12. isabelle says:

    what are its preditors
    thanks helped on homework

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