Animal Hero of the Year

In 1989, Amanda Lollar found an injured bat and saved it from a painful death. Soon after she founded what is now the world’s largest bat rescue group, Bat World Sanctuary (BWS).

Bat World Sanctuary saves thousands of bats around the world each year and provides refuge for bats retired from zoos, permanently injured, used in labs and confiscated from the pet trade. Amanda also started 17 volunteer bat rescue centers across the US. BWS and the rescue centers give educational programs to thousands of school children per year. Amanda teaches a week-long intensive workshop on the rehabilitation of bats that animal professionals attend from across the globe. She also saved 30,000 bats from destruction by purchasing a building bats had used as habitat for decades. The previous owner wanted the bats killed to sell the property. This building now serves as a permanent wild sanctuary.

What you can do to help? Go to Animal Planet’s Poll and vote for Amanda Lollar as the Animal Hero of the Year. Bat World desperately needs the $10,000 prize. Others will be voting for their favorite – animals much more popular than bats. But bats, too, deserve a chance for a better future. So VOTE!

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  1. debbie patten says:

    I am looking for a book that I believe you wrote about the in0jured bat you found. I read the story in 2 hours and cried. I really want to share that book with my friends but I had borrowed the book and now I cannot remember the title. any help will be gretfully appreciated.


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